List of Characters in “Dandadan” (Preserved)


This is a list of all the characters and all the characters from the manga “Dandadan,” which is being serialized in Shonen Jump Plus.

What kind of characters are there? This page introduces the characters and their characteristics with images.

“DANDADAN” Characters: Human Version

綾瀬 桃(Momo Ayase)

Character Introduction

The main character of “Dundadan. A high school student who loves Ken Takakura, Japanese actor. He may look flirtatious, but he has a strong sense of justice and takes good care of others.

She is attracted to hard-liners like Ken Takakura, and has been in a relationship with a scumbag boyfriend just because they look alike.

She does not believe in aliens, but she does believe in ghosts (because her grandmother is a medium). She has no parents.

The battle with the aliens awakened her dormant psychic abilities. She is able to grasp the aura of all things and move them at will. Has room to grow.

高倉健(Ken Takakura)

Character Introduction

The protagonist of “Dundadan”. Occult geek. First person name is “Jibun.
Has the same name as the Japanese actor Ken Takakura.

He doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he does believe in aliens. At a haunted house, he is overtaken and possessed by a turbo hag, who takes his penis.

Momo Ayase, who doesn’t want to admit that her name is Ken Takakura because of her appearance, calls her “Okarun” because “she likes the occult.

ドドリア三太(Dodoria santa)

Character Introduction

Ayase Momo’s grandmother. She is a psychic medium.

She also appears on TV, but is called a fake psychic medium.

She is capable of capturing Ken Takakura, who was possessed by a turbo hag.

Her age is unknown, but she seems to be known as a beautiful witch in town.

“DANDADAN” characters: ghosts and aliens

ターボババア(Turbo hag)

Character Introduction

Also known as the 100 kilometer hag. She can run at 100 kilometers per hour in any direction.

If you are overtaken by a turbo hag, you will become possessed. If she is possessed, she will take your penis.

She has gained great power by merging with the earthbound spirits in the tunnel, a haunted place in Shonoh City.

セルポ星人(star in the constellation serpo )

Character Introduction

An alien from the planet Serpo, hiding in the Naki Hospital, a sacred place for UFOs.

There are only males, and they are increasing their numbers through cloning technology.

They are only males, and they use cloning technology to increase their numbers.

He changes his appearance during battle, and uses a technique called the “Serpo Method of Surveying” in that form.

She was defeated by the psychic power of Momo Ayase, who was awakened.

Floodwoods Monster

Character Introduction

Known as the “three-meter alien. It emits a poisonous mist and attacks with a thrusting motion that resembles a sumo wrestler.

He was defeated by Momo Ayase due to the effects of a charm that dispels evil spirits.


Character Introduction

The combined figure of a turbo hag and an earthbound spirit.

The faces of countless girls’ spirits exist on her back.

After being defeated by the warding, the spirits of the girls were able to attain Buddhahood.

The spirits of Seinou City Cemetery

Character Introduction

Spirits sleeping in the cemetery on the border of Seinou City. Together with Turbo hag, they try to prevent Momo and Okarn from leaving the city.